Major Price Cut For Shatabdi Trains By Indian Railways

With an objective to ensure optimum utilization of resources, train fares in 25 Shatabdi trains would be slashed soon.

“Indian Railway is actively working on a proposal in this regard,” a senior government was quoted as saying by news agency PTI

Here are 5 things you need to know about the Shatabdi fare cut:

1) The fares will be slashed on sections with low occupancy:

Indian railways have identified 25 Shatabdi trains in which theĀ  fare cut would be implemented in sections with low occupancy.

2) Railways launched a pilot project last year to study the impact of low fares :

Railways implemented similar move last year for Shatabdi train running between Jaipur and Ajmer , another one running between Chennai and Mysuru. In the shatabdi to Ajmer in order to attract passengers, the Railways decided to match the bus fare in the premium train and reduced the ticket prices to about Rs 300 in this section.

For the Shatabdi running between Bengaluru to Mysuru, fare cut resulted in 63% growth in passenger booking

3) Indian Railways to launch 100 new trains by 2018

Indian railways is now looking forward to run 100 new trains for shorter and longer routes out of which 25 have already begun and the rest would begin this year

4) Flex fare system led to cutting down the prices

Indian railways decided to slash the prices after it received a lot of flak for flex-fare system which was introduced in Sept, 2016 which led to a spike in the fare of trains.

5) Reduced layover time :

Indian Railways is also working on reducing the layover time of a train for introducing more services

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