Modi Aura Helps BJP Win Gujarat And Himachal Pradesh Elections

Gujarat Elections 2017 were much talked about and discussed. There were clouds of uncertainty over who would gain the upper hand in Gujarat, following BJP’s Demonetization and GST that suffered backlashes from people galore. Furthermore, Congress’ tactic to conjure a social coalition with caste and community leaders like Hardik Patel, Alpesh Thakor and Jignesh Mevani seemed to work for them. Thus, when the counting began, Congress was actually leading the race ahead of BJP. However, it is no surprise that the ruling party of decades has sealed the deal of these elections, thanks to the charms of PM Narendra Modi still prevalent today!


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BJP won 107 seats, while the Congress has 72 seats, resulting in the ruling party’s win. Also, they lead ahead in the Himachal Pradesh elections. Therefore, the Saffron flag flutters in a whopping 19 states!

The former Chief Election Commissioner of India, HS Brahma says:

Twitterati buzzed around the elections, some came out with their opinions:




While some had a funnier take…







And a tweet that summarized it all-

The Modi-BJP wave is here to stay, with the man himself jubilant with the results.

With all the social media frenzy over the ruling goverment’s new economic schemes, the rise of Hindutva elements in the country, the year which saw the rise of cow vigilantism and vandalism of minorities, the Gujarat elections were a litmus test of the ruling party. Hence, it was a test to check what the citizens really feel towards the party. Although Congress gave a tough fight, the saffron party won an inevitable victory over Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh. Thus, it will consolidate its position for the upcoming 2019 elections. In conclusion, the Indians have shown to be a bit of tolerant despite all the criticisms surrounding the Government. Further state elections will unveil a clearer picture where India is headed politically.

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