Moments From Life Where You Realize You’re Actually A Lot Similar To Ross Geller Than You Thought

Every character from Friends always has some quirk or characteristic that we can relate to ourselves, whether it may be Chandler’s incessant sarcasm or Phoebe’s bedroom kinks. But if you take a closer look, Ross Geller is probably the character that you sync the most with from this hilarious sitcom. You don’t believe me? Well, I’m pretty sure these moments from the show will clear your doubts!

1. When people keep asking you how you are


anigif enhanced buzz


2. When karma drops by when everything in life seems to be going great


karma drops


3. When someone messes with something you’ve been planning to eat all day


threw my


4. That time from the past that you had that god awful hair do (but you thought it was cool)

god awful hair


5. When you get totally lost in our music (and no one else understands)


our music


6. When you’re willing to do anything to fit into those skinny jeans




7. When you’re drunk but you refuse to admit it (despite irrational behavior)




8. When you accidentally say the name of your ex and piss off your significant other




9. When someone else is wrong and you just have to correct them




10. When the teachers ask you for your homework after a holiday



11. That time you just wanted to give the finger but couldn’t



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