Movies That Will Change Your Outlook Towards Life

Movies have become a constant source of entertainment and learning for most people in this era. Media provides us knowledge through various ways and one such is through films. There are many inspiring films that shape our life and bless us with a different outlook towards our as well as other people’s lives.

Here is a list of few movies which we assure you, with their brilliant storyline, direction, acting and music will make a big difference to your understanding of yourself and what life really is all about.

1. Pursuit Of Happiness

This movie is an American biographical drama film which is based on entrepreneur Chris Gardner’s struggle of being homeless for almost a year. The most beautiful thing about the movie is its honesty and how near it is to the reality. Success, in this movie is not given, instead it is earned after a series of soul-sickening defeats and failures accompanied by ensuing accumulation of barely recognizable triumph. The movie was released in 2006.


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2. Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

This movie is funny, tender and romantically twisted, basically a love story in reverse. The movie ensures us the importance of bittersweet memories. When two lovers deliberately get the memories of each other erased from their mind for the good, they realize that it is easier to live with those good or bad memories than completely losing them. Charlie Kaufman wrote a mind-bending journey for the ‘Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind’. It was released in 2004.


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3. Fight Club

Fight Club presents the vast emptiness of modern existence with fordable values, uncontrolled consumerism, without a meaning or a feeling of life. It searches for an answer to the regular sleepwalking existence that plagues the modern life. The movie is a wake-up call for everybody saying that: “you are not alone”


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4. Shawshank Redemption

Shawshank redemption is a movie about to two prisoners in the Shawshank state and how they take life as it comes to them. With no special effects or action, the movie enthralls you with just the talking between two people. This movie, encompassing friendship, hardships and dreams, is not just moving but also very gripping.


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5. Into the wild

A top student and athlete, Christopher McCandleness, abandons all his possessions and savings and hitchhikes to Alaska to live into the wild. A series of incidents and characters shape his life and his journey is nothing but inspirational. The words that were uttered, the relationships that were made were all real and human. A movie that guides you to explore life and always abide by the choices you make.


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6. Forest Gump

This movie is an inspiration to all those who, at some point in their life, want to give up.

A man, without a very high IQ, achieves glorious feats in life because of his determination and honesty towards his duty. He lets nothing come in between his share of happiness and turns his hardships into a good fortune. The beauty of the movie is in its direction and the acting of Tom Hanks. A must watch for everybody!



7. A beautiful mind

A biographical drama based on the life of John Forbes Nash Jr. who was a mathematician and won noble prize for his “Game Theory”. The movie portrays how a man, with true will power and strong mindset, can overcome even the worst of situations. The movie is beautifully directed which makes “sane” audience very aptly understand what a mentally challenged man goes through.



8. Dead poet society

Dead poet society is an inspiring and uplifting film by Peter Weir. The basic message that the movie delivers is the “suck the marrow out of life”, to live every moment up to it whole. The movie shows the importance of the little time we have as a being. We are no less than dust, which will fade away someday and we are the ones who need to fight the norms, to rebel against the conformity and to keep safe what we love. The movie evokes the true meaning of life in your minds and hearts and is a much watch for each and every human being.


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