All You Need To Know About TDS

TDS or Tax Deducted at Source is pay charge decreased from the cash paid at the season of making determined installments, for example, lease, commission, proficient expenses, pay, premium and so forth by the people making such installments.

More often than not, the individual accepting pay is subject to make good on pay regulatory obligation. In any case, the legislature with the assistance of Tax Deducted at Source arrangements ensures that salary charge is deducted ahead of time from the installments being made by you.

When ought to TDS be deducted and by whom?

Any individual making determined installments referenced under the Income Tax Act are required to deduct TDS at the season of making such indicated installment. Be that as it may, no TDS needs to deducted if the individual making the installment is an individual or HUF whose books are not required to be reviewed.

Be that as it may, if there should be an occurrence of lease installments made by people and HUF surpassing Rs 50,000 every month, are required to deduct TDS @ 5% regardless of whether the individual or HUF isn't obligated for an assessment review. Additionally, such Individuals and HUF subject to deduct TDS @ 5% need not have any significant bearing for TAN.

The total rundown of Specified Payments qualified for TDS finding alongside the rate of TDS.

What is the due date for storing the TDS to the administration?

The Tax Deducted at Source must be stored to the administration by seventh of the ensuing month.

How to store TDS?

Assessment Deducted at Source must be stored utilizing Challan ITNS-281 on the administration

Peruse our article for a well-ordered manual for store TDS.

How and When to record TDS returns?

Recording Tax Deducted at Source returns is compulsory for every one of the people who has deducted TDS. TDS return is to be submitted quarterly and different subtleties should be outfitted like TAN, a measure of TDS deducted, kind of installment, PAN of deductee, and so forth. Likewise, extraordinary structures are endorsed for recording returns relying on the motivation behind the reasoning of TDS.

Various types of return forms are as follows:


Form No Transactions reported in the return Due date
Form 24Q TDS on Salary Q1 – 31st July

Q2 – 31st October

Q3 – 31st January

Q4 – 31st May

Form 26Q TDS on all payments except salaries Q1 – 31st July

Q2 – 31st October

Q3 – 31st January

Q4 – 31st May

Form 26QB TDS on sale of property 30 days from the end of the month in which TDS is deducted
Form 26QC TDS on rent 30 days from the end of the month in which TDS is deducted


What is TDS authentication?

Structure 16, Form 16A, Form 16 B and Form 16 C are all TDS authentications. TDS testaments must be issued by an individual deducting TDS to the assessed from whose pay TDS was deducted while making installment.

For example, banks issue Form 16A to the investor when TDS is deducted on enthusiasm from fixed stores. Structure 16 is issued by the business to the worker.


Form Certificate of Frequency Due date
Form 16 TDS on salary payment Yearly 31st May
Form 16 A TDS on non-salary payments Quarterly 15 days from due date of filing return
Form 16 B TDS on sale of property Every transaction 15 days from due date of filing return
Form 16 C TDS on rent Every transaction 15 days from due date of filing return
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