New Facility For Indian Railway Passengers, Now Transfer Train Ticket To Another Person

Booking railway tickets have become a smoother and user-friendly process thanks to the advent of e-ticketing portals and net-banking. However, the tickets issued are on a particular person’s ID and could not be given to someone else. Then one has to go through the hassle of cancelling the ticket and again buying it in someone else’s name. Well, not anymore!


In a positive move, Indian Railways has authorized the transfer of a confirmed ticket to another individual. Railways released a statement,

“Chief Reservation Supervisor of important stations are authorised by Railway Administration to permit the change of name of a passenger having a seat or berth reserved in his name.”

The guidelines mention that a person can transfer the confirmed ticket to another family member be it the mother, father, children, sibling, children or spouse. A written request would have to be made 24 hours prior the scheduled departure.

The same goes for government servants. For students from recognized institutes, they would need to get an approval from the head of the institution. Thus, he would be able to transfer ticket to another student. The feature can also be availed by National Cadet Corps wherein a cadet or a group of cadets can transfer their tickets to other cadets after they procure approval from their heads.

This is a good move by the Indian Railway authorities in further improving the travelling experience of the citizens in a seamless and hassle-free manner. This also reduces the burden on the ticketing administrative bodies who will not have to deal with multiple cancellations and re-issuance of tickets of someone else, since now a simple transfer of ticket has been made available to travellers.


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