New WhatsApp Update For iPhone Users, Filters, Albums And Reply Shortcut

WhatsApp is more than just a chatting tool, it is a way of life now and when there are upgrades to it, the chatting software becomes a more potent utility tool than before. This is why the Apple has brought in some new features to the latest version of the WhatApp software.


The latest feature of WhatsApp brings in the facility of filter edits. Many a times, we use another photo editing tools to add filters and then send it across WhatsApp, but not anymore as seen below!

                                                                                     Image Source

Another new upgrade is the album feature for the photos received over WhatsApp. WhatsApp will now organize the pictures by grouping them into a tile display that can be viewed within the message thread.

img-20170607-wa0007-1496815276                                                                                     Image Source

Finally, the upgrade comes along with the feature of instant replies. iPhone users will now be able to reply instantly to messages simply with a quick right swipe, fastening up the chat process.

img-20170607-wa0008-1496815278Image Source
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