Not Only USA, But Other Countries Restrict Indian IT Professionals Too

The Trump regime cracked down on the H1-B visas of many Indian IT professionals aiming to work in the United States. The reason is that immigrants ‘steal’ the job opportunities of the locals. Now, it comes to the light that other countries too have made it a bigger ordeal for Indians to set foot on their soil for reasons galore.

CaptureSource: TOI/Nasscom

In a study conducted by Nasscom, the government has started flagging the hurdles, many of which are against the commitments given by these countries at the World Trade Organisation or in trade agreements with India. The study shows that there is no match between the commitments given and the visa issued.

India is seeking a permanent agreement for trade facilitation in services. It is also seeking liberal rules in  China, Australia, New Zealand and ASEAN. There is no clarity on the number of visas that the other countries have agreed to, making them easy to flout their commitments.

There is also high fees that dilute the commitments. For instance, Indonesia had notified a rule allowing one visa for every 10 local workers hired. Other complaints include the long duration of the visa and its issuance. Indian workers are miserable because many countries have not signed social security agreements.

The industry also has to deal with the open-ended meaning of the given commitments, resulting in varied interpretations that end up blocking access.

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