Odd-Even 2.0 : A blessing in disguise for Foodies and party lovers??


Delhi government’s Odd-Even rule which made our CM Arvind Kejriwal famous on the global level (Yes, you read it right, the buzz around Odd-Even rule which saw its first edition in January this year, made Arvind Kejriwal feature in Fortune 50 power list) is coming back this month. Although the stats from various agencies and organizations showed a very little decrease in the pollution, but it indeed made the drive to our offices much easier on the usual jam packed Delhi roads.

Well, the version 2.0 of our very own Odd-even drive rule is just around the corner. It will start on 15th April 2016 for 15 days with almost the same rules and exemptions as its earlier edition but with few minor changes.

Many of us are very enthusiastic about the second phase, all thanks to the less burdened and empty roads, but one set of people who might not be much happy are the Delhi restaurant owners. The last edition in January had cost them a good amount of lunchtime business. We all know that the odd-even rule is applicable from 8am to 8pm. This made a hugedecline in the customer count with many of them finding it difficult to commute during lunch hours unable to arrange for the desired dated (Odd number car on Odd days and Even number car for Even Days) car.
Our Delhi restaurateurs seemed to have learnt their lessons in one go only. (PS: This is where the blessing part comes for us.. yay!). They have planned lucrative discounts and offers which will be hard to let go for Delhites, despite the Even-odd Inconvenience.


Here are the measures taken by the restaurateurs:

  1. Home Delivery Services Storm Bar & Grill has started home delivery service to counter the dip in the customer footfall. During the last phase, they saw a dip of around 20-25 % footfall during the daytime.


  2. Reimbursements on Cab Bill: To tackle the drop in business, restaurants are offering to pay as much as 100% of your taxi bills. The owners of famous Junkyard Café and Café OMG are giving 100% reimbursements on your Cab bills. Other Delhi restaurants, Hotmess Kitchen Barare are offering to pay 15% of the cab bills to their walk-in customers.

  3. Complimentary Odd-Even Drinks: Many restaurants and bars are offering complimentary drinks basis odd and even days. On even days, Lights Camera Action – Air Bar, Rajouri Garden are offering three free of cost drinks if you order three drinks to make it an even number. Similarly on odd days, if your order four drinks, they are making it seven, an odd number by giving three complementary ones.

Similar offers are up for the grabs at Imperfecto. The owners wants their customers to enjoy themselves irrespective of the odd-even day. To celebrate odd days, they are giving one complimentary beer if you order two. The deal gets more interesting on even days, as they offer buy two and get two free.

  4. Odd-even themed Drinks: Popular Bar-be-que joint, Pirates of Grill have come up with two special drinks named Old Route and Even Route available in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic variants to celebrate the odd-even rule. The celebrating part is that these drinks will be complimentary on these days.

  5. Exciting Discounts: Mystique Melange Restaurant is giving away 11% discount on odd days and 10% discount on even days for men only. To make a pocket friendly experience for their customers, The Groghead is offering flat 15% discount on the total bill.

Well, these deals are surely getting a thumbs up from our end. What about you guys?? Cheers !!

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