On This World Heart Day, Pledge To Save Your Heart With These 7 Habits

The world today is moving at a lightning speed. We are so caught up in our routine that we hardly get time to catch our breath. Most of the times we just skip our breakfasts, bolt down the lunches and with the pending house chores and who has time for dinner? Little do we realize that this unhealthy lifestyle is taking a toll on us. A sudden increase in the number of cases of heart diseases in the past few years show an extremely grim picture of India: there are about 30 million heart patients in our country and two lakh surgeries are performed every year. On World Heart Day, we bring to you those 7 habits that you should definitely include in your routine for a healthy functioning of your heart.

1. Say No To Trans Fat


Excessive intake of fats is never good for the body and Trans fats are the worst fats of all. They are those hydrogenated fats that lower your good cholesterol level and shoot up the bad cholesterol thus leading to a number of heart diseases. All our baked goods, fast food, fried stuff contain a large amount of Trans fat which thus, should be avoided for a healthy heart.

2. Sound sleep is a must


The first thing that we compromise in our busy schedule is our sleeping pattern but people don’t understand how adversely it effects our whole system especially the heart. Irregular or disturbed sleeping pattern does not let the biological processes inside the heart to function completely thus lowering the heart rate which further leads to heart diseases.

3. Keep moving


Prolonged abstain from working out, sitting in one position for longer periods and not moving at all weakens the heart muscles and interferes with the process of pumping blood in the body. Working out or moving yourself regularly, makes the heart do a better job of pulling oxygen from blood and also allows the heart to work better under stressful conditions.

4. Avoid passive smoking


Passive smoking which is also referred as Second-hand smoking causes a number of adverse effects to the body. It increases the risk of stroke by clotting the blood, pumps adrenaline that increases the heart rate and blood pressure and reduces the amount of oxygen in the blood.

5. Avoid tobacco


The chemicals in the tobacco harm the blood cells and damage the structure and function of blood vessels. It causes a disease in which plaque builds up in the arteries which later hardens and narrows the arteries, thus limiting the flow of oxygen-rich blood to the other organs of the body.

6. Moderate your alcohol intake


Surprisingly, taking alcohol in moderate amount reduces the heart diseases but heavy drinking further increases the risks. It causes stress, dilutes the blood and hampers the blood flow. Consuming alcohol in amounts though increases the level of good cholesterol and prevents the clotting of blood.

7. Maintain a healthy body weight


A healthy body weight keeps you away from both physical as well as psychological diseases. Adequate body weight helps the heart and other organs of the body to function properly and keeps you happy which is why it is important to eat healthy and work out regularly in order to maintain the right body weight.

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