“One Rupee Medical Clinics” Launched In 14 Mumbai Railway Stations

The emphasis on health is of paramount importance now more than ever, and the Central Railway has taken a great step for this initiative. Mumbai railways is one of the most densest and crowded in the world with lakhs of commuters dependent on it. Everyday, there are accidents, some of which being fatal, and untimely medical service often leads to the loss of life. In a bid to put an end to this scenario, the Central Railway has come up with a solution – 24×7 One Rupee Medical Clinic.

The Central Railway in coalition with medical consultant organisation Magicdil will launch One Rupee Clinics in all major central railway stations in Mumbai. These will be provided in Emergency Medical Rooms (EMRs).

Some key highlights,

  • 24 x 7 clinics.
  • Re. 1 consultation charges.
  • 3-4 MBBS doctors.
  • Pharmacy and pathology clinics.
  • BP check up is free.

Rail activist Samir Zaveri filed a PIL in Bombay High Court on the issue of lack of medical help in case of emergencies on railway tracks. This led to the court ordering the railways to set up EMRs.

There will also be Magicdil pharmacies, which will provide 10% to 21% discount on all medicines and also a Magicdil Pathology Clinic which will provide 10% to 40% discount on all tests.

Rahul Ghule of Magicdil said:

“We wanted to provide affordable Medical service to common people. We came to know about railway plan to start such scheme thus we offered them our plan and idea. Railways had helped us with the infrastructure to build these clinics … During railway accident victim needs immediate medical assistance thus we have all necessary equipment and life saving tools and medicines including ECG machines, Ambu bags, Pulse-Oxymeter, Oxygen cylinders.”

The first five EMRs have been launched at Dadar, Kurla, Wadala, Mulund, and Ghatkopar stations. It is a great step towards the timely treatment of commuters, and hopefully it will inspire other Railway zones to incorporate the same.

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