Padmaavat Row, Rajput Women Will Commit Suicide At Supreme Court If Movie Releases

The release of the movie Padmaavat has been marred with controversy ever since it began filming. The revolt by the Rajputs came to the light when the movie’s director Sanjay Leela Bhansali was allegedly slapped by the protesters on the movie’s set! The hype and hoopla around the movie escalated when Karni Sena group protested against it, by tearing the posters, burning tyres, warning theaters against the release! Supreme Court anyway ordered the movie’s release with some changes and now Rajput women have gone a step further against the SC decision – Commit Suicide.


In 3 days the movie releases, and the anticipation only grows in time. More than 500 Rajput women marched from Jauhar Sthal, Chittorgarh fort to Jyoti Temple, Jauhar Smriti Sansthan on Sunday to protest against the release of the movie. Shatrani Manch will file a petition to commit suicide at the Supreme Court if the movie is released.

Earlier they had planned to commit ‘Jauhar’, but since it was against the law, they plan to seek permission to commit suicide. The women at the Swabhiman Rally shouted slogans against the movie’s release. They held swords and vowed to prevent the movie’s release. Whenever any historical event is recreated in the form of an art such as painting, novel or a movie, then the sentiments of the concerned community are hurt. Just like how Rajput women are exercising their right of expression by wanting to commit suicide, the artists too exercise their right by expressing historical events. In such an irony, the Supreme Court is often caught between the two parties and faces a tough time to uphold justice for all.

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