Pari Trailer Out, Anushka Sharma Will Creep You Out With Her Spine Chilling Act

Horror movies in Bollywood seldom make an impact, hence it is a rarity to come across one! However, Anushka Sharma’s upcoming flick “Pari” stands out. It is sure to creep you out of your seats with her spine-chilling performance! After months of animated still and a teaser trailer that got us curious, the trailer for the movie has been unveiled finally, so brace yourself!




The trailer begins with a grim view of Anushka Sharma listening to music in her earphones and the scene moves in a slow motion that has all the creepy vibes. We then overhear a man and woman conversing about Anushka, where woman assures the man that Anushka is assigned a task for which she is ‘made for’. However, the man does not show confidence.

The scene moves on to Parambrata Chatterjee having a conversation with his mother, where he convinces his mother to take Anushka home as she has nowhere to go to. What follows after are hair-raising scenes of Anushka possessed. The scene with her head upside down is particularly captivating.


The movie is directed by Prosit Roy, and we must admit that he has done a good job for a debutant, that too in a horror flick, which is not every director’s cup of tea!

The movie releases on the 2nd of March. In the meantime, have a look at the trailer of Pari.



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