All Passport Holders Need To Know These Recent Passport Update

Reportedly, passports may no longer be valid a proof of the address as the last page containing the address of the person in his/her passport will be left blank. The regional passport officer in Pune confirmed the news saying that the changes will come into effect from June 2018. Despite that, all the information will continue to be possessed by the passport office and the immigration department or security agencies.


JD Vaishampayan, the regional passport officer, Pune also said that the new passports will be issued from June 2018 as the existing stock of passwords will end by May 2018 and after that, the new passports will begin to be allocated.

According to a statement made by Surendra Jumar, under-secretary of police and legal matters an visa division at the ministry of external affairs said that the reason behind this new decision is taken to protect the details of the passport users. However, the bar code which has been on the passports since 2012 will continue to be there scanning which all the information of the passport holder will still be accessible.

Vibhuti Kumar Bhushan, the regional passport officer, Kolkata also made it clear that the decision has nothing to do with the importance of Aadhaar and it being the only valid proof of address since the passport is a travel document and should be it.

Moreover, these are not the only changes which will be done with the new passports but the MEA is also considering to change the color of the passport. Currently, the Indian passports are issued in three different colors: white for the government officers or those who visit other countries for the official work of the government; red for diplomats; and blue for all others- whether they require emigration check (ECR) or not (ECNR).


But, soon, the ECR category people will have orange passports to speed up the process of emigration as the color of the passport will make it clear if the emigration check is required or not. The printing of these new passports will be done at the India Security Press at Nashik. Although, the existing ECR passports will continue to be valid.

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