This Powerful Sikh Ad Counters Racism And Hate Crimes In United States

Hate crimes and racist attacks needs to be addressed in Western countries where it is prevalent even today, where Indians, specially Sikhs are subjected to such attacks. They are hard working, contribute to the economy of the country they live in and perform the same daily activities like their western counterparts, and most importantly they are of the same species called ‘Human Beings’, then why the discrimination?

To counter this menace that plagues the society and keeps it divided, an American Sikh advocacy group launched a $1.3 million ad campaign in an endeavour to spread awareness about their religion and curb hate-driven crimes toward their community.


The National Sikh Campaign created the commercials, which are scheduled to run on CNN and Fox News, as well as TV channels in Fresno, California.

Gurwin Singh Ahuja, executive director of the National Sikh Campaign says:

We’re the least understood major faith in the United States, and that leads to a whole host of issues. Kids get bullied. Mothers have to be extra cautious to make sure their kids aren’t being harassed. There’s significant employment discrimination. And in some cases, people have even been killed.

The ads explain the basic aspects of the religion, founded in India over 500 years ago. It is the fifth largest religion in world and the third biggest monotheistic faith, after Islam and Christianity. 25 million follow Sikh with progressive values including gender equality, religious tolerance, social justice and community service.

The first Sikhs settled in the U.S. over 100 years ago and the Sikh Coalition estimates there are now 500,000 Sikhism followers living in the U.S. This legacy forms an important part of the ad campaign.

Check the full video here:



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