Prasoon Joshi Comes Up With An Inspiring Poem For The Daughters Of The Country

All the trolls and memes, all the opinions of highly literate people, actors, sports persons, journalists and all the words said by general people in praise of women who saved the nation’s pride at the Rio Olympics this year on one side, and Prasoon’s Joshi’s new “highly moving” poem dedicated to them on the other.

The poem accurately and precisely explains the reason behind the fact that all the people living in this proud country of ours who earlier did not allow girl to take decisions for herself should feel deeply ashamed. All the norms and rituals that now look defamed and all the decisions and actions that took place against her now suffice the very reason to feel nothing but embarrassment.

Prasoon Joshi in his emotional poem tells all that the past is gone and now is the time when women are stepping into men’s shoes and are changing the pre-conceived notions about their physical and mental strength. And no matter what happens, they will be unstoppable now.

Check out the his heart-rending poem that talks about all the girls in general and the proud female achievers of Rio Olympics in particular!

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