Put Your Sleeping Woes To Rest With The New ZeeQ Smart Pillow!

For those of you who have a busy schedule and just can’t seem to get enough rest every night, the new ZeeQ smart pillow is probably the perfect solution for you! This high tech gadget slash home furnishing product from a group called REM-fit is a device that’ll enable you to set your night time priorities in peace and get the beauty sleep that you deserve without all the grogginess that tends to gather upon you in the mornings.


The New ZeeQ Smart Pillow


What makes this pillow so special? The first and foremost reason is arguably the built in music system which enables you to listen to the music you want to before going to bed without disturbing other people in your surroundings (or the other one on your bed). The pillow carries internal speakers which play music at a low volume ensuring that only your ears can hear it and that it is soft enough to not prevent you from falling asleep. You can set up your own playlist or use the sounds already provided in the ZeeQ system. And you can even set up a timer so that the music stops when you’re fast asleep allowing your mind to lay its focus on your dreams.


Apart from the music, the other unmatched feature of the ZeeQ pillow is that it records your natural sleep movements and uses that information to wake you up at ideal moments during your sleep cycle to ensure a well-rested night without the grogginess that tends to follow in the morning! It even has settings to give you a nudge when you start snoring in order to implement a peaceful sleep on your part.


The New ZeeQ Smart Pillow


But most importantly of all, the ZeeQ pillow just might happen to be the most comfortable pillow that you own with its soft and highly flexible material and shape. All the technology in the world can’t compete with something that provides you with comfort and satisfaction, but the ZeeQ smart pillow manages to integrate comfort into technology in an amazingly seamless manner!

The pillow can be connected to your phone through an app that enables you to retrieve your sleep data including your ‘sleep score’ and integrates itself into your lifestyle in such a manner that it improves and perfects your sleeping habits without you even lifting a finger!


The New ZeeQ Smart Pillow


The various features of this new-age device include:

  • The ZeeQ motion sensors can detect the point in your sleep cycle that is best to wake you.
  • It is super comfortable with a foam outer shell and electrical components that you cant even feel!
  • Built in Bluetooth speakers allow you to listen to your favorite music or custom sounds
  • The device records how many times you toss and turn at night and your snoring habits and even lets you know how deep a sleep you have achieved.
  • The ZeeQ app allows you to view sleep data on your smartphone and further helps you improve the overall quality of your sleep.
  • It even allows you to set alarms and diet habits and the battery lasts a whopping week after a single USB charge.


The New ZeeQ Smart Pillow

So if sleep is a priority for you and you can’t bear to see any more of those baggy circles below your eyes. Or even if you just want to enjoy a fresh morning for once, the ZeeQ smart pillow is probably the sure shot device to ensure you the well-rested sleep that you’ve always dreamed of!

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