Rangoon Music Has An Uncanny Resemblance With The Good Old Melody

The much discussed and debated release of the year Rangoon has managed to stir a lot of coffee table intellectual stimulation and divided the nation into the thoughtful creed and the ‘paisa-wasool’ janta! While some considered it as the most intense movie of its time, the others found it to be an utter disaster. Apparently, the music of the film too is quite catchy as expected from an musically inclined film maestro like Vishal Bharadwaj. But once you put Rangoon music on loop for a couple of times, some bewildering results get unfolded.

1. If the one of a kind song Tippa from Rangoon is played for a couple of time, you start growing a déjà vu with the track. If you are a 90’s kid and used to be glued to TV on Sunday mornings, you know, what I mean. Lets take a flash back to the Alice in wonderland show. Rings a bell? Well, see for yourself, the Vishal-Gulzar duo had created this funky tittle track almost to 28 years back! Don’t believe me? See for yourself…



2.The sufiyana romance number Yeh ishq hai from Rangoon, instantly made us fall in love with both Julia (Kangana) & Jamadar Malik’s (Shaahid) budding intimacy. The song seems too smooth for the mind to process, almost like, its pre-processed by ourt brains, as if we’ve heard it before! On a ‘loop-investigation’ it was found out to be the cousin brother of the infamous master piece Dil se re song (1998), by the none other than ARR. Even the insanely passionate visuals of love in the backdrop of war is kept just the same, except in Dil se re, SRK & Manisha were covered in dry leaves, but our Rangoon duo in mud! Need a demo to validate? Well listen to both the tracks back to back, and then comment!


3.  Mere miya gaye England was an instant connect with the 1949 classic Mere Piya gaye Rangoon, goes without saying. The song has been sprinkled with a pinch of political satire and the glitz of Kangana, minus the simplicity and melodious voice of Shamshad Begum; to come up with the newer version. Have a go!


4.  For this one you gotta have an acquired taste of Vishal Bharadwaj genre of music. Though not exactly obvious like the above 3 resemblance, the following would surely ring a bell if you are an avid Vishal follower. The Bloody hell from Rangoon has some connection with the Darling from 7 Khoon Maaf (2011). Both the numbers share the broadway musical anatomy. Only Sunidhi brings a sigh of relief (with due respect to the very talented Rekha Bharadwaj, at times its monotonous to hear her in every single piece composed by her better half, Mr Bharadwaj!) Not just the tune, but the pretext of the two songs are also pretty much the same. A lady’s confession to the love of her life, who speaks a foreign language. Seems like, Mr Bharadwaj is stuck in a time-trap of creativity 😉


Well Vishal Sir such melodious ‘co-incidences’ are more than welcome as long as it keeps nurturing our souls and rewind the good ol’ days. But why not experimenting outside your comfort zone & ‘comfort singers’ where there are vast genres of music & vocalists, all queued up for your magical touch?

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Tannishtha Sarkar is an independent film maker, writer composer & vocalist. She is an avid traveller, a film freak and a mother of two little girls who are a major distraction but often play a strong motivation for her rebellious ventures.

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