Richa Chaddha And Malika Dua Team Up With AIB To Roast The Forever Going Sexism In The Bollywood Movies

Remember this?

aamir roast

And this?

govinda roast

Oh, and this?

devgan roast

Of course you do.

No matter how much our celebrities talk about feminism or respecting women, they all have been a culprit once and added into the increased level of sexism in the country. Our Bollywood movies and songs have always taught us that stalking a woman and chasing her day and night will end up convincing her to fall in love with her stalker. Which, obviously is not true!

varun roast

This time, AIB, Richa Chaddha and Malika Dua have come forward with a musical and coherent take on this on-going custom which needs to stop!

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