Say Good-bye To Soft Drinks! Tamil Nadu Traders Not To Sell The MNC Made Drinks

Yes, you read that right! Soft drinks and mineral water from the Multi-National Companies will not be sold in the state of Tamil Nadu, including restaurants and hotels. Read on further to know what lead to this bold move.

What Is It All About?

The traders in the state of Tamil Nadu have decided to call for a ban on the soft drinks and the mineral water from the MNCs.
Vikrama Raja, Chief of the Trader Union, said that one of the brands confirmed their drinks not suitable for children and it contains harmful chemicals.

From When Is The Ban?

The month of February will be spent on educating the consumers as well as the traders about the ‘evils’ of these foreign brands and to promote the Indian brands.
From 1st March 2017, traders will stop selling it.

How Come This Sudden Ban?

The trade associations have been trying to put a ban on Kinley and Pepsico since 1998, but failed due to popular demand from the consumers.
However, their cause gained momentum due to recent Jallikattu protests, wherein the students sought a ban on the soft drinks that use the groundwater and take the profits outside our country.

What Actions Are Taken?

The Madras High Court has ordered SIPCOT (State Industrial Promotion Corporation of Tamil Nadu) to not supply water to Pepsi and Coca-Cola, which draws out several lakh litres of water from Thamirabani river.

How Is The Response?

When there is a shortage of water, the common man suffers but the companies keep getting water and deplete it further. Hence, the farmers and activists have welcomed this ruling that goes in support with their cause.

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