SBI’s Important Safety Message For All Users

Recently, through the microblogging site Twitter, SBI shared a few tips with its customers to promote the safety of debit cards. This initiative by India’s largest private bank has been taken to aware the general about the recent frauds.


The 4 tips shared by SBI to ensure the safety of ATM-cum-Debit cards are as follows:


1. Memorise PIN – SBI advised the customers do not use easily guessable numbers as their ATM PIN, like the birth year or vehicle number. Hey also asked the customers to remember their PIN number by heart and not see it from somewhere every time you’re about to use your ATM.


2. Collect cash out – “Call the helpline mentioned in the lobby, when ATM instructs you to ‘collect cash’, without dispensing it,” according to SBI.


3. Never share PIN – SBI has advised people to never share their ATM PIN with anyone.


4. SMS Alert SBI has asked customers to register their mobile numbers to receive regular transaction alerts, where they would receive an SMS every time they make a transaction from their account. Previously, SBI has asked their customers to be careful of the fraudulent emails which offered freebies and rewards and looked too good to be true because they often turn out as traps. SBI urged people to not click on those links and share any of their personal information.

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