SC Bans Triple Talaq For Six Months, Asks Parliament To Create Law

The issue Triple Talaq has been brewing over the government and the supreme court alike, due to the tremendous outburst by the Muslim women who are at the receiving end of the ancient divorce system. In a landmark decision, the Supreme Court has banned the practice of Triple Talaq for six months!




The law allows Muslim men to divorce their wives simply by uttering the word “talaq” three times. Hence, Muslim women say they have been left destitute by husbands divorcing them through this act. In many cases, Triple Talaq is executed over Skype and WhatsApp.


The court had heard the matter in May this year and after hearing all the parties, the decision was kept safe. The constitutional bench of five judges, headed by Chief Justice JS Kehar have finally given their verdict to put a ban on Triple Talaq for six months. They have also asked the Centre to make a law in this matter.

What happens after six months?

If the law is not implemented, the SC’s order continues. Therefore, SC has asked political parties to keep their differences aside. This is to help Centre in bringing out law on the practice.

The practice of Triple Talaq has been subject to various arguments. Some Muslim groups see the issue as a matter of religious right while others, including the Centre, term it unconstitutional and a breach to the women rights. Thus, it has lead to a lot of controversial debates this the better part of this year. The new decision of SC hopes to end the controversy.

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