Sridevi Demise, Mystery Looms After Inconsistencies Over The Timeline Of Her Death

Sridevi, the sensational actress of the 1980’s-90’s who wrapped everyone’s hearts with her impeccable acting and flawless dance, passed away unceremoniously on 24th February, 2018 in Dubai. It sent shockwaves to the entire nation, as she appeared in the pink of her health, celebrating a family wedding in Dubai, just moments before her death. A lot of speculation has happened since then, as well have a look at the timeline leading upto the unfateful event.



(1)  At 5.30 pm on Saturday, Sridevi’s husband, Boney Kapoor went to her room at Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel Saturday and talked to her for around 15 minutes.

(2) She then went to the washroom. After 15 mins, Boney Kapoor knocked on the door to check on her. After getting no response, he forcibly pushed the door open only to find her lying in the bathtub apparently unconscious.

(3) Kapoor called his friends and tried to revive her. From here onwards lies the inconsistencies. The initial reports suggest that the police were called at 9 pm and the autopsy report mentions that her time of death is 10.01 pm. Does she mean that she was alive for one hour after the police were called or either one of the two timings mentioned above could be incorrect?

(4) As per Khaleej Times, the Indian consulate gave the time of her death at 11 pm.

(5) During this time, as per the  Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel, the on-call doctors were not called as soon as Boney Kapoor discovered his wife unconscious.

(6) According to one source, Boney Kapoor was questioned at the office of the interior ministry at Dubai DXB for 16-18 hours, after which he is allowed back to visit the hotel. The family of Mohit Marwah along with the hotel officials were also questioned. However, a leading newspaper of UAE says that Boney Kapoor has not been questioned at all!

(7) The case is transferred to Dubai Police Prosecution. The Dubai government says,

“Dubai Police headquarters stated that the death of the Indian actress Sridevi occurred due to drowning in her hotel apartment’s bathtub following loss of consciousness.”

(8) Earlier, once the news broke out of Sridevi’s death, the reason cited was a cardiac arrest! However, Forensic revealed that there were traces of alcohol found in her blood and the cause was due to accidental drowning.

(9) Sridevi’s family is waiting for clearance from the Dubai Police Prosecution, whereas the Dubai officials want to be 100% certain about this case being that of a natural death, considering the extremely sensitive nature of the case.

(10) The Dubai Prosecution wants to verify the circumstances leading to Sridevi’s death as the autopsy report only mentions the cause of her death – accidental drowning. They have sought medical reports from India as to what treatment and surgeries she was undergoing and whether it had any link with the cause of her death.

(11) The Dubai officials state that the body will not be released for repatriation or embalming without due process.

Sridevi’s demise is a great loss to the nation, and we hope the controversies surrounding her death clears out in due time.


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