Struggles That All Night Shift Workers Will Relate To

It is important to work for a living and no matter how passionate one is about their work, a point comes when we all get tired. But if you’re one of those who work during night shifts, then nobody understand the struggle better than you . With your sleeping pattern taking a complete toss and social life getting doomed, here are 15 struggles all night shift workers will surely relate to.

1. Breakfast? You don’t even remember the last time you had it

no breakfast

2. You hate the morning visitors in your house and sunlight dodging the window curtains tops the list of them

night shift cons

3. Dark circles and baggy eyes have made their permanent place

dark circles

4. You know all the grocery stores and eating joints that are opened 24*7

5. You either miss out on most parties and family functions or you’re the first one to move in or move out of them

family function

6. You constantly need to convince yourself that your not an alcoholic for wanting to drink at 7 in the morning


7. The only kind of social attachment you have is with people living in the different time-zone because their time-table matches with yours

social attachment

8. You have developed a habit of listening to the weird radio programs at night

weird radio

9. Most of the times, you have no idea what day or week it is

night shift

10. You’re scared of commitments because you don’t really have time for anything


11. You’re always sleeping at work but when you reach home you’re wide awake


12. You’re always hungry which makes you keep munching the junk

always hungry

13. The only good thing about night shift is that you don’t get stuck in the traffic jam

no traffic jam

14. The vicious cycle: work sleep work sleep

night shift cycle

15. You work harder than others


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