These Eddard Stark Memes Will Help You Get Through The Wait Till Season 7 Of Game Of Thrones

We’ve all gone through six entire seasons of Game of Thrones in agony as we’ve watched many of our favourite characters suffer and die. But after all these years and many painful deaths, there remains one death that none of us have and ever will be able to get over; Eddard Stark’s.

He was the man whom everyone thought was the protagonist of the first season, and well, none of us actually believed that he would meet his demise. In fact, we all waited until his last moment expecting him to make some sort of courageous escape. In the end the shock of seeing his head mounted on a spike was enough to get most of us hooked to the show. After his death, he made a miraculous recovery in the form of another craze; in the form of memes.

The fact remains that Eddard stark is the only character that everyone truly loves. So here’s some of the funniest Eddard Stark memes that’ll keep you going in the meantime as you wait for the release of Season 7 (there’s a whole year to go).

1. When the weather forecast showed that ‘Winter is Coming’


2. This new take on the ‘Yolo’ term


3. Ned Stark is such a hipster


4. Before Ned met Catelyn


5. This Lord of the Rings crossover


6. When he realised his deadly mistake


7. And his fatal judgement error


8. When Eddard Stark proved that he wasn’t that smart


9. This take on how Ned plays chess


10. What most of us had been thinking till the last season


11. When Catelyn got tired of this weird habit


12. When we saw young Ned in the latest season


13. This brilliant visiting card


14. What Sean Bean says to the god of death


15. What’s up, Ned?


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