These Hilarious Jokes On BreakUp Will Crack You Up

Breaking up is never easy and neither is going through a break up. Apart from all the fights, the words said and the feelings to get you down, there’s also the fact that your relationship has come to an end. But sometimes (when you’re not one of the people involved) there’s a funny side to it all, so check out these jokes to see the less dreary and lighter side of a break up.

1. When you find out your ex can fly

your ex can fly

2. The right way to check if you’re drunk

check if you’re drunk

3. A guy’s worst nightmare


4. When he can’t commit


5. All the single ladies!


All the single ladies

6. We all know that difference

We all know that difference

7. The perfect break up card ever

The perfect break up card ever

8. Breaking up, like a boss

Breaking up like a boss

9. ‘Nah’


10. Because in our hearts, we’re all Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

11. The definition you understand after a break up

break up

12. When you really need to get out of a relationship


get out of a relationship

13. The end of a relationship isn’t the same for all of us

same for all of us

14. When you don’t agree with Adele


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