These Hilarious Tweets Perfectly Describe The Plight Of Snapchat

Twitter is probably the senior most social networking site amongst all that are widely used in recent time. Although, Snapchat has been very popular of late for its exclusive (not anymore) ‘stories’ feature and of course the much discussed ‘filters’ feature. But twitteratis are sassy bullies and since Snapchat keeps getting mixed responses from users, they sure have the wrath inside them that they show on twitter. Though, I personally am very fond of Snapchat but these tweets about the app (might be ridiculous) but are true af.

1. The ‘Aww’ Moment

Ben Schwartz Twitter


2. Spying or crying?

Yung Van Riebeeck twitter


3. Bitch, are you kidding?

Kardashian Twitter

4. Thanks for highlighting my loneliness

Andrew Twitter


5. Serious trouble

Sassy Tortoise twitter


6. Sarcasm at its best

Mac Twitter


7. Because dog filter makes everyone look good

Ricegum Twitter

8. I really thought I was special

Freddy Twitter

9. Okay you may calm down now

EliTheParty Twitter

10. The nightmare!

Blair Waldorf twitter

11. Snapchat doesn’t spare any one. Not even God

brandon calvillo twitter

12. A wish that has been answered. ‘Memories’ to the rescue

Sassy Twitter

13. Like seriously?

George Tweeterman

14. Why would we want that?

Funny Tweets

15. I wish Snapchat was kind

The Lord Twitter

16. Like a boss!

George Garrett Twitter

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