These Pictures Of Young Justin Trudeau Will Make You Go Weak At Your Knees

Justin Trudeau has been in the news (and in the phone screen-savers for many!) and there is a reason for it. His suave and clean looks, Disney hair fluttering in the winds, political policies that charm the local and the new arrivals alike, with many already packing their bags and moving to Canada, makes him a magnetic personality. But, it does not stop here! Photos of a younger Justin Trudeau (a cocktail of Richard Gere and Tom Cruise if you ask me!) are trending all over and its Twitter reactions justify so!



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  1. Rise & Shine!

2. That Daily Motivation!

3. He is too hot for her, literally speaking.

4. He does that to everyone.

5. *Ahem Ahem* Someone’s hormones are rising!

6. Fairytale is for real!

7. The Time Travel’s Paradox.

8. Emo/Punk/Rock Look. He can pull it off.

9. The Alpha Male of Politics!

10. ‘Die’ Hard fan!



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