Things You’ll Relate If You Live In A Joint Family

Living in a joint family is tough but no matter how much one denies, it is fun too! With all the endless drama and fights and picking on one another, there are family functions, celebrations, holiday trips and what not. You always wake up to a new adventure.

Here are some of the things that take place in every joint family:

1. The “hungama” that keeps happening in the house.

Your house is no less than a fish market at most times. And by the way, they don’t care if you have exams coming up!



2. Private conversations?

There is never a scope to do that. One of the many aunts would always have her ears glued.


private conversations


3. The grocery bills are always high.

And the frequent trips to big bazaar. Where do all the things disappear in just a month’s time?



4. Every normal day turns into a warzone.

And all would agree to the frequent fights


Every normal day turns into a warzone


5. The happy trips!

No matter what happens inside the house, outside you guys are like an unbreakable team.


the happy trips


6. The best advices on clothes

Aunts, brothers, sisters are always there to help you with your outfits and the best part is, you’ve always got someone who can accompany you for shopping!


6. The best advices on clothes


7. A lot of food around you

Too many family members= more food in the kitchen= more variety= eat all day long



8. Sharing is caring!

This is the one rule that is always being followed be it food or your dresses.


Sharing is caring


9. Who needs friends when you have your cousins?

Late night conversations and late night parties are easier because you always have cousins around you.


Who needs friends when you have your cousins


10. The idea of living alone haunts you!

Your family is the best part of your life, no matter how much you crib living with them you just can’t live without them.


The idea of living alone haunts you

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