This Cafe In Delhi Is Creating Buzz For Its Unique And Novel Concept

Every other weekend, we plan to visit a cafe to chill out with friends for some light snacks over a hot coffee, and this is becoming quite a trend now because of the growing cafe culture where new cafes are opening in every nook and corner of the city. But, a cafe in Delhi named ‘Echoes’ is creating a buzz for its unique and novel concept.



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The cafe employs only differently-abled ‘deaf’ and ‘mute’ employees as its staff to run the place. Simply, yet effectively named “Echoes”, this cafe is situated in the Satyaniketan Market of New Delhi. However, just like the name and the differently abled staff, the working is different too!

To order the food, the visitors are required to fill in their preference on a form which is then given to the waiting staff. To call out the waiting staff is also a one of a kind experience as one has to press a button on the table that lights a bulb in the kitchen. The staff has a queue based on which one of them will approach the table to cater to!

It is indeed a great initiative and should spread out to other cafes and cities too!

If you’re in Delhi, make sure you have a sip of coffee in this cafe!

Video source: 101 India/Youtube

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