This Ed Sheeran Cover Of ‘Shape Of You’ By IIT-Roorkee Boys Is Just What You Need To See Today!

A video of the hit Ed Sheeran’s number ‘Shape Of You’ is going viral all over the social media. But, no not the official video but another one made by the Choreography and Dance Section of IIT-Roorkee that will make even those with ‘two left feet’ dancing to the track!


The theme of the video is to have Valentine’s Day that is less lonely. So, the four protagonists dance their way to winning over a girl. All four of them have their own individualistic charm – one being a magician, a singer, a graffiti expert and a sporty guy-next-door.

The girl also responds to them positively, but there is a twist waiting for them in the end!

The choreography is very impressive, with hardly any repetition throughout. The editing and the cinematography is very creative, coming from the minds of the IITians no doubt!

This one is sure to get you shaking your hips, check it out!

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