This Is How Our Favorite Celebs Work Those Extra Kilos Out

Be it the 6 pack abs of our actors or an hour glass figure of our actresses, we love our celebrities for how they look and admire them for being fitness inspiration to many. Not all actors and actresses are blessed with the finely sculpted body, they slog their guts out in the gym to burn off the extra kilos and get the most chiseled look.  It takes a lot of energy, stamina, concentration and patience to achieve your goal to get that flawless figure. Here are the workouts that our favorite celebrities are doing and it will make you want to hit the gym right away!

Alia Bhatt


Apart from the regular workout regime, Alia loves to try new workouts at the gym for her splendid body. Here is what she feels while trying this one..

“Walkover on the #Trapeze.. Challenges your upper body strength, core strength and back extensors…Still work in progress but feels soooo good!!!”

Deepika Padukone


Deepika padukone undoubtedly has a flawless body and this is what she does to keep it right.

She says, “Workout regime should be the integral component of your daily routine to keep oneself fit and healthy.To be fit and healthy, one shouldn’t only rely upon diet and exercise; one must also incorporate some sports in their workout regime.”

Malaika Arora Khan


The ‘yummy mummy’ of Bollywood, Malaika Arora Khan, mother of a 13 year old, is one of the fittest mommies in town. She never compromises on her workout and keep herself as fit as ever. Her healthy body tips include: “Try to avoid carbs at nightandget proper rest and exercise regularly to stay healthy and fit.”

Varun Dhawan


#tbt #abcd2 work out. Train drain @prashantsixpack @rohanbodysculptor. #chunar 6am workout

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This young superstar is very serious when it comes to fitness and right body shape. He also has some advice to give to his fans..

“Rather than focusing on huge and bulked up body, aim to acquire limber body. As you grow older, the natural suppleness of body begins getting down, as a result of which you become vulnerable to injuries. A lithe body not only looks influential, it is powerful too.”

Shahid Kapoor


Tommy prep. Blood and sweat. @bodyholics

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Shahid Kapoor has an extremely wide fan following because of his exuberant dance moves, his fit body and his charismatic personality. Shahid has a fixed diet and workout routine that he strictly follows that keeps him in shape.

He advices his fans that, “Merely following a strict workout routine will not help you in gaining muscle mass. You should wisely choose nutrient-rich foods and include them in your diet.Initially, do not aim for a six or eight pack. Focus on building up your strength and endurance.”

Ranbir Kapoor


Busy getting stronger!

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Ranbir Kapoor is busy getting stronger and stronger. This hot favorite Bollywood star does not just have a good looking face but an amazing physique too.

According to the star himself, “I start my workout with a five to ten minute warm up session, followed by crunches and pull-ups. I then go on to work on my biceps, triceps, chest, back and shoulders. Ialso focus strongly on my legs and abs. Although, I am unable to work out regularly, because of my hectic work schedules but whenever I am in town, I make sure to hit the gym five times a week. I prefer to play sports like football and kickboxing whenever possible.”

Siddharth Malhotra


#Miami #training @fasttwitch #gym #Sidfit

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The actor who is slaying ladies not just with his sharp chiseled jawline but also with his abs makes sure to workout everyday..

“Like my dog Oscar, I’m hyper and feel restless when I don’t sweat it out. I need to do something to release all my pent up energy. Also, I tend to put on weight. It’s because of the lifestyle in the industry. There is no fixed time to sleep, wake up or eat. It’s difficult to maintain the metabolism but I don’t work out when I have heavy duty dance performances, be it for a film or award shows. It’s stupid to push your body beyond its limits. I compensate by doing weight training at home for 10 minutes.”

Jacquelin Fernandez


Another actress who never stops trying new ways of working out and keeping her perfect body intact.

“Fitness is your strength and regular exercise a must. I wake up at 7 am. After a cup of tea and reading the newspapers, I work out for an hour at home. On days when I’m feeling energetic, I work out even twice a day. I do it on a mat with great music – rock, pop and even EDM. When I go to the gym, I prefer light weights. I go a bit heavier with the legs as they are strong.I also attend yoga and dance classes. My yoga is not just about Suryanamaskar. I keep trying new things. I enjoy dancing too because it’s not only an exercise but also enables you to learn the form.”

Sonam Kapoor


The actress who is redefining perfect body shape and style statement was once an obese but with her dedication and hard work she is what we see and admire today.

Sonam says, “Exercise. Cardiovascular exercises work best with weight training. To bust the myth, lifting weights does not mean you will get bulked up like men! For weight training I focus on different body parts each day like Abs on Monday, followed by shoulders on Tuesday, arms on Wednesday and so on. When you have time for yourself, you could put some music and dance. In summer I go swimming.”

Kriti Sanon


Kriti is new to the industry but thin waist line and toned body has made her an inspiration to many young girls. Fitness means a lot to her and she regularly works hard for it.

“A toned and proportionate body is what looks best. I do weight training about 4 to 5 times a week to keep my body toned. I don’t do cardio as I tend to lose weight very fast. I do yoga and pranayam whenever I can make time for it.A fit person is less prone to diseases and has more stamina. When you exercise regularly, your blood circulation improves and your muscles become more active.”

Lisa Haydon


Lisa believes in the myntra “fit is the new sexy” and works out accordingly. One of the best super models of India and now an actress, Lisa has body to die for and to maintain it she follows a perfect routine.

“My workout routine is all about sprints, squats and lunges, and low impact cardio. I focus on toning and building muscle rather than losing weight to look super skinny.Yoga is the way to be. I follow a regime of yoga and running for my fitness.”

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