Throwback To 1908 Olympics; What An Era It Would Have Been To Be A Gymnast!

Gymnastics has not been a very popular sport amongst Indians but since the time Dipa Karmakar made the nation proud in the on-going Rio Olympics, the sport has become the talk of the town. While people are super fascinated with Dipa’s risky Produnova vault moves watching the girl roll upside down in the air for a number of times, we decided to look if gymnastics has been this tough since forever. But fortunately or unfortunately the results say that it wasn’t.

Here are a few images compiled that were available on the internet from the 1908 London Olympics that would definitely make you want to go back in time and win a Gold for India!

1. Haven’t we all practiced this during our sports’ events at school? I sure did. Pretty easy yeah!


2. Any flexible person can totally pull this off.

Danish Gymnastics Team in 1908

3. After every time we are drunk, may be?

Danish women gymnastics team

4. We score!


5. Probably if a large suite case would be kept in front of me and there wouldn’t be any other way out, I might just do this.

Gymnast in Olympics

6. This takes me back to my childhood when I used to climb into the big inflatable castle at weddings.

London Olympics 1908

7. Just this? Damn!

London Olympics

8. This would require two Red Bulls I guess!

Olympics 1908

9. I feel like flying already.


10. Gold for each of us, please?

Women team in Olympics

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