Trump Considering A Proposal To Tweak H1-B Visa Rules That Can Deport Thousands Of Indians

H1-B visa, the ticket for many Indians to get work opportunities in the United States, has constantly been the target of Trump’s administration. “Buy American, Hire American” is the mantra that has been imbibed since the Republicans took over. The new laws are stringent when it comes to issuing H1-B visas to Indians employees mostly from the IT domain. But, what about those who already have the visas and are currently working in the United States? Well, they are at risk of being deported!



What is the new proposal about?

The Trump administration is considering on a proposal shared as a memo in theĀ Department of Homeland Security (DHS). It can potentially deport upto 50,000-75,000 Indian employees from the United States! The proposal intends to cancel the H1-B extension of those employees whose green card application is pending.

The current rules allow the authorities to extend the H-1B visas beyond the allowed two three-year terms, even if a green card is pending for approval. This allowed many Indians to work without having a green card. However, the new proposal, if passed, can wreak havoc for many Indians. Hence, Indians specially from the software domain will be under a lot of distress.

Why are H1-B Visa rules changing?

‘Protect and Grow American Jobs’, the proposed bill to increase local job opportunities for American citizens and reduce the misuse of H1-B visa is causing a lot of fluctuations for the immigrants (a huge bulk of which are Indians) coming for job and study opportunities. Thus, software industry body Nasscom has shown concerns regarding visa-related issues with the congressmen, US senators.

The internet age brought the world closer and made outsourcing possible. Thus, many local jobs of Americans were transferred to the Asian countries. This happened at a cheaper cost. This led to a lot of vexation among the localites, thereby leading to the victory of Trump. He promised to bring back jobs. The western countries are now gripping with a declining and ageing workforce. This is leading to the change of working ethics from globalization to localization. Thus, policies to bring back jobs to Americans will hamper India’s prospects the most, as Indian IT sector is reliant on providing client-servicing to the US. The road ahead will only be tougher for Indians to get a chunk of United States. Hence, the Indian government should look for alternative means of providing world-class employment opportunities in India itself.

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