Two Men Killed For Alleged Cow Stealing, Another Blinded For Honking At Cow

Cow vigilantism is on the rise in the country, wherein anyone accused of suspicious activity by the ‘gau rakshak’ meets their wrath. No concrete actions have been taken in the past to prevent this from occurring and now two separate cases have come to the surface, resulting in gruesome violence.

Hanifa, 23, and Riazuddin Ali, 24 were chased for about a kilometer and continuously struck with sticks in Nagaon district of Assam on Sunday. The mob suspected the men to be cattle thieves who were trying to steal two cows from the village Kasomari. They were attacked after some villagers raised an alarm, alleging that they had chased away two cows from the grazing ground in the village.

SP Upadhyaya said,

“Villagers came out in large numbers, chased the two and assaulted them. While the police managed to rescue the two, they had serious injuries and they later died at the Jajari primary health centre. We are trying to gather video footage and other evidence to ascertain the identity of the attackers.”

Another appalling incident happened in Bihar at Maina village where a pick-up van truck driver, Ganesh Mandal, 30, was blinded in his left eye after he was attacked by Gau Rakhshaks for “scaring” the cow by honking at it. The police have identified the accused as Ram Dular Yadav.


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He was rushed to a primary health centre as he felt unconscious. Mandal complained of no vision in his eye when he regained consciousness. As he was profusely bleeding in his left eye, the PHP doctor referred him to Bhagalpur for treatment at the medical college hospital there. It is left to be seen how the vigilantism is dealt with by the Indian Government.

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