Until You Get Familiar With The Taste Of Food In Your New City; These Hacks Will Surely Help You Out

Moving to a new city brings its own challenges. The first and the foremost being getting the right food. Majority of us struggle getting a good palatable meal when we move out of our city. Most of the times food in the hostel mess sucks and the rest of the times we are forced to binge on junk food which has its own share of consequences. So here’s a list of few food items that you should totally need to stack in your room or your new kitchen to silence those midnight hunger pangs and also, the best part is that they are not just tasty but also very healthy alternatives to junk.

1. Nutella

Never ever forget taking a jar of Nutella along with other necessary items in your bag before you leave your house and move to a new city. The best and simplest way to eat the cocoa-hazelnut spread is obviously using a spoon but that wouldn’t work for long so another easy way of eating it is by spreading it over a slice of bread or a chapatti. Along with its succulent taste, Nutella is highly nutritious and an apt breakfast item.


2. Oats

They are healthy, nourished and tasty. Yes! I’m not bluffing. You may find Masala oats in various departmental stores. They have the desired spices and condiments that would easily satisfy the Indian taste buds. With that, they are extremely easy to make. All you have to do is boil the water and add your masala oats. Cook them for 10-15 minutes until they soak the water and you’re good to go. If you want to enhance the taste of it, you can add any vegetables of your choices after chopping them well and you can also add more salt and spices.


3. Herbal teas

Ginger tea, green tea, lemon tea, chamomile tea,peppermint tea, etc. are some of the different kinds of teas that most people drink to keep themselves healthy. Herbal teas have various uses of their own and can totally be carried to any new place for instant refreshment early in the morning and after a tiring day at work. All you need is a kettle and you are good to go.

Herbal tea
4. Granola Bars

Granola bars are rich in dietary fiber and sugar and are the best source of instant as well as huge amounts of energy. More than providing nutrition they also fulfil the hunger and take care of your body’s digestive system preventing it from catching the related diseases. Granola bars are an absolute necessity for you if you’re moving away in a city where you’re unable to get yourself right amount of energy giving food.

Granola Bars

5. Peanut butter

Another bread spread which is delicious as well as healthy is the peanut butter. The main ingredient of it is ground peanuts (as the name suggests) and is very rich in other nuts as well. Spread an even layer of it on any of your dishes to make it palatable and mouth-watering.

Peanut butter

6. Maggi

Quite an obvious choice, isn’t it? Well, yeah! Because Maggi is our favorite “anytime” snack no matter how healthy or unhealthy people consider it. Whether you’re on top of the hills or down in the plains, one thing that works best when it comes to overcoming the hunger, is Maggi! Though, nothing compares to the taste of simple masala Maggi, but you can add vegetables, cheese and other ingredients to make the dish tastier and healthier.


7. Mixed Dry Fruits

A jar of mixed nuts in your bag is an absolute necessity when you are attending extra-long lectures and there is no way you can ditch a class. The wholesome nuts are sure to satisfy your hunger and provide you with much needed energy. Also, it would save you from munching the junk.

Mixed Dry Fruits

8. Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate contains more of cocoa and less of sugar making it a healthier option for every time you feel a craving for chocolate and for when you need to carry something that fits your pocket. Dark chocolate provides you with instant energy satiating your taste buds.


9. Milk Powder

Milk and milk products are good for you in many ways. They provide you with required micronutrients that your body needs to function properly. For situations, where you do not have convenient access to the dairy or packed milk, milk powder works wonders. All you need to do is mix a spoon full of it with boiled water and sugar, and your glass of milk is ready. Here’s a secret tip: you can eat it in the powdered form itself, it’s yumm!

Milk Powder

10. Cornflakes

Going with Chandler Bing’s advertising skills, “Cornflakes: because your milk needs a buddy”!

Well, certainly right. A handful of cornflakes or your favorite cereal inside your cup of milk is enough to make your stomach feel full. This is undoubtedly the best breakfast you can have outside your city.

Corn Flakes

11. Cheese slices

Another thing you should always keep in your fridge, is a packet of cheese slices. Usually, people complain of losing fat (the nutritious part) when they stay alone in a new city. Cheese slices will help you deal with that problem and it is sure to alleviate the taste of your food as well.

Cheese slices

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