Up For A Crazy Night ? These Drinks Will Get You Sloshed In No Time

With every Saturday night comes the need to party hard and make up for all the lost time in a week of work. And what could be more fun than catching up with your friends with a drink in your hand. Getting wasted is undoubtedly the fastest and easiest way to have fun whether you’re at a club, a bar, or even at home. So, clear your mind of all the clutter and treat yourself with any of the drinks on this list to make it a night worth remembering! Or, in this case, you probably won’t remember it.

Presenting, some of the strongest drinks that’ll leave you wasted in a matter of minutes. Let go of your inhibitions and get set for a crazy night ahead!

1. Absinthe

This drink will definitely give you a high. At most of the places the drink is advertised as a shot and it should be only taken in the recommended amount. Well ! we would recommend you not to take more than 60 ml because of its hallucination effects. You may also take it in a form of a cocktail with just a little splash of this anise flavored spirit in lime juice with some sliced cucumbers.

2. Jagerbomb

Jaegermiester shots in red bull is perfect to get rid of the week long’s tiredness. This is definitely one of the best drinks to start with a best night out. Though we highly recommend you to take maximum of two shots because of its lethal effects when taken in large amount. So Drink Responsibly!

3. Tequila

How could you possibly make a list of drinks without the widely claimed ‘best party drink’ tequila? Tequila being available nearly universally and in a variety of different flavours is one of the most popular drinks at parties and is undoubtedly fast in getting you wasted.  It will even save you the terrible morning headache of a hangover. This drink is the first option of many youngsters being described as the “taste between lemon and salt”.


4. Long Island Ice Tea

Despite the innocent name, the Long Island Ice Tea is a cocktail that packs quite a punch. It may taste similar to the ineffective sweet taste of ice tea but is in fact a mixture of 5 different liquors namely;  rum, gin, tequila, vodka and triple sec. Due to its taste, it makes for a quick drink which after being gulped down in seconds, leaves you wasted to the brim before you can count to a hundred!

Long Island Ice Tea

5. Zombie

This drink, also known as the Skull Puncher, is a cocktail that indeed knows how to smash your skull. The drink comprises of a number of fruit juices along with the liquors and rums which offers it a more appealing taste. It’s smooth, fruity taste aids in hiding the high alcoholic content but do not be deceived, drinking only two zombies is considered to be equivalent to drinking 7 cocktails!

Here’s a recipe to mix up your own cocktail at home!

Zombie Drink

6. Sex on the Beach

Another cocktail that makes the list to fasted ways of getting wasted is sex on the beach. It is also used as shots and is primarily comprised of vodka but the other ingredients offer an entire plethora of variations of the drink which are available worldwide. This drink will not only help you get wasted but will be fun enough to whip up different variations in your own kitchen.

Here’s a link to a video tutorial on how to mix this cocktail at home.

Sex on the beach

7. Gin

This list possibly couldn’t be complete without the age old drink; gin. It is one of the drinks that have received more paparazzi and limelight in the past years than any other and is a popular favourite of celebrities all around. With no directions for mixing, it is by far one of the easiest ways to get wasted with its mild taste doing wonders along with tonic or even sprite!

Jinzu Gin

8. Wine

You may be wondering how wine could possibly get you wasted faster than a vast alcove of other drinks in the running. The answer is simple, the sweet and delicious taste of wines can be turned into something other than a drink long fabled as the drink of the rich and wise if it is gulped down successively in one go. The effects of wine tend to last longer than other drinks as well, not to mention the savoury remains that are left on your tongue.


9. The Dead Bastard

The Dead Bastard is a lesser known mixed drink and is the third of a trio of drinks called “The Bastard Series” (the other two being; ‘The Suffering Bastard’ and ‘The Dying Bastard’). This is one drink that’ll knock you out cold if you let yourself taste it more than you can handle and consists of a number of liquors some of which are; brandy, bourbon whiskey, gin and rum. Due to its lower availability in bars and lounges, it is often a drink  which is enjoyed with a group of friends at home.

Here’s a link on how to prepare the entire trio of Bastards.

The Dead Bastard

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