Do You Use Atm Debit Or Credit Card? Be Very Cautious!

We all withdraw money from ATMs using our ATM Debit card but hardly take any precautions while doing so which is why there are high chances of losing money to the thieves. It is extremely important to take a few steps while withdrawing money from ATMs.

  • Look around

When you enter the ATM cabin, just make sure to look around to see if there are no foreign or strange objects which may include hidden cameras that are directed at the screen or any other device. In case you find anything like that do not make a transaction from the ATM and inform the guard or the bank immediately.


  • Do not let anyone enter the ATM cabin while withdrawing money

Banks have made it clear that one should not allow any stranger to enter the cabin when they are making a transaction. One should only enter the ATM cabin when the previous person has made the transaction and left the cabin. In case a stranger comes inside the cabin while you are working on your transaction, ask them to leave or inform the guard.


  • Do not leave the ATM before completing your transaction

Most of the times, people forget their card inside the ATM machine. One must not leave the ATM cabin unless one has successfully collected the cash or deposited the cash and has taken their card back.


  • Don’t reveal your ATM card details to anyone

Most of the times, when people are having trouble making a transaction, they unknowingly share their card details (such as PIN number, card number etc.) with the strangers to seek help but this is absolutely wrong. In case you are facing trouble while taking out money, contact the guard or the bank officials.

  • Protect your PIN

While entering your PIN number in the ATM machine, just place your hand over the keypad while inputting. In case there are people inside the cabin, avoid entering the PIN because fraudsters majorly require your PIN to obtain cash from ATM with your card.



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