Viewers Start A Campaign To Ban The New Show ‘Pehredaar Piya Ki’ On Sony

Sony Channel’s new show Pehredaar Piya Ki has come to the center of attraction for it’s unusual plot. At a very casual glimpse, it may look like a take on child marriages that is still prevalent in India, not necessarily in the lower strata of the society. But, it has a very uncomfortable tinge to the whole plot – Glamorizing Child Marriages!


Ever since the show got aired, it has been getting a lot of negative reviews on social media stating that the entire plot as bizarre and misleading the concept of child marriage. Child marriages are illegal in India, with laws clearly defined to prohibit it. But, the new show has a different take on the subject which goes tangent to what child marriages actually are.

The show garnered more criticism when they showed a weird pervert behaviour by the young boy who stalked his better half at a small age. Things went out of limit, when recently, the show revolved around their honeymoon. It gives the impression that young boys, pre-teens are allowed to stalk and have romantic relations with grownup adults twice their age.

The honeymoon scene has a dialogue, “He is a kid, and we don’t know when he will be big enough to satisfy you.” We best leave the reaction to this, to the imaginations of the reader.

One of the viewers started a campaign on to ban this show as the obnoxious nature of this series can severely impact children’s minds. Till now 364 people have signed the petition and more are counting. It glamorizes pedophilia and child marriages to such an extent that we are left to wonder whether the writers are genuinely running out of ideas to write or is it simply for the sake of money that they will celebrate the ancient customs deemed taboo and illegal.

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