What Everyone Really Thinks About Diljit Dosanjh’s Infatuation With Kylie Jenner

Recently, Bollywood actor and singer Diljit posted a comment on Kylie Jenner’s Instagram video which clearly showed that the Punjabi was completely smitten by the young reality star.


Diljit Dosanjhs


He even commented on a rather intimate picture of Kylie with her boyfriend Tyga.


Diljit Dosanjhs


But it doesn’t just stop there, he even tweeted the YouTube link of one of his songs to Kylie stating that she’s the inspiration behind it all.


sub buzz




Sure, to some it may seem sweet, but isn’t it rather a little too out there? Especially when he chose to comment in Punjabi, a language which she doesn’t even understand!

Instagrammer @themistri totally captured his thoughts on the issue and here’s his hilarious take on Diljit Dosanjh’s infatuation! Check them out below:


A video posted by Maneet Abrol (@themistri) on


A video posted by Maneet Abrol (@themistri) on

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