WhatsApp To Rollout 5 New And Exciting Features In The Upcoming Upgrades

Since Facebook acquired Whatsapp, it has constantly been on its toes to bring in new and exciting features in its upgrades. The last time we had upgrades, we saw the introduction of Instagram inspired status-stories that disappear in a day, the gif features and new emojis. Well, brace yourselves, as the new features are even more cooler than ever before!



(1) Voice To Video Call Switch

One of the prominent upgrade feature is the ability to switch to video call, while you are still on your voice call. This feature will have a dedicated icon for the switch. After clicking on, it will send a request to the other party for a video call. If this request is rejected by the other user, then the voice call will continue as before. The new feature helps save data and bandwidth to help those who only need to video call when it is necessary to do so.


(2) Instagram Stories On WhatsApp

The Instagram stories are very popular on the photo-sharing platform. However, what if you had the ability to export it to WhatsApp and share it among your phone contact list circle? Well, now it will be possible to do so!


(3) Facebook Inspired Stickers

When words fail to express, stickers come into play. Facebook has seen an evolution from the humble emoticons to the awe-inspiring stickers of various movie and cartoon characters. There was already a sticker feature in iOS version of WhatsApp. However, now Android users can also relish the same!


(4) Group Calls

Voice and video calls are have only been a one-to-one encounter. Not anymore! The developers soon intend to extend the horizon to multitudinous users. Just like a conference call, the users can interact with each other at the same time.


(5) More Authority To The Admins

Now the admins will have more control over how the members interact in the group. One of the feature includes that either all members send messages or only the admins can send messages. This can be controlled for 72 hours. Another feature includes selecting members who can change group icon and info, making them sort of a deputy admin!

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