This Yoga Dance Face-Off Between Ranveer Singh And Baba Ramdev Is The Best Thing You’ll Be Watching Today

Ever saw Ranveer Singh getting his ass kicked at a hilarious dance face-off? We honestly doubt! But the most perfect entertainer of Bollywood had his unexpected jaw-dropping moment with none other than Yoga guru Baba Ramdev and we can’t help but believe the unbelievable.


Ranveer Singh


AajTak, the leading Hindi news channel conducted their fifth edition of Agenda 2016 and invited  Ranveer Singh and Baba Ramdev as their guests. And to everybody’s surprise, even in the presence of undefeated Ranveer, the latter stole the show.


ranveer ramdev


Cocksure Ranveer invited Baba Ramdev to shake a leg with him but certainly did not know what trouble he was getting himself into. They danced to the beats of Malhari from Ranveer’s Bajirao Mastani and undeniably Ranveer had a very hard time matching up to Baba’s yoga stunts. At the end Ranveer had no option but to give up and even took Baba’s advice for getting the perfect 6-pack abs.


ranveer ramdev


Baba ended with his signature stomach flexing and oh well, Ranveer could not help but stare and lose the battle completely.

Source: India Today

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